Winter – an ounce
of prevention…

Who’s had to
scrape the frost off their vehicles more than once this week?

December 1st
marks the first day of the meteorological winter.

We thought it
timely to remind those of you with water storage on site that’s aided by on
demand pumps that it’s time to do some preventive maintenance to save
inconvenience and damage to the pump.

If the
temperature falls to 1 Celsius or below, you should take the pump out of
service. Remove it from the water supply line, drain it and store it in a warm environment
(indoors) until the temperature rises again.

When it comes
to water pipework, we recommend lagging to minimise the chances of pipework
freezing up. The pipework we use on site is 25mm dia and so 27-19mm lagging is
ideal for the purpose.

Pipework will
begin to freeze at around -2 degrees c. Pumps as mentioned earlier can be boxed
in, but make sure the box has some ventilation.

Lagging should
be applied to the whole pipework route, from the exit point of the bowser past
the pump and into the cabin or appliance.

themselves will rarely freeze to the point of being rendered useless due to the
large body of water inside them.

Don’t be
tempted to add anything to the water. You risk not only diminishing the quality
of the water in your system and damaging the pipework and pump.

We publish a
number of guides on maintaining and priming on demand pumps and the links are

On demand pump troubleshooting
 On demand pump spec sheet
Winter temperatures guide

Remember, an
ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.