Tardis H2O on
is in the business of delivering bulk water where it’s needed.

Construction is
a thirsty business and so our tanker fleet often turns up on construction sites
several times a week, but for some that’s just not enough…

Of course we’ve the answer to most water related problems and in the case of this week’s videos, you’ll see a particularly thirsty project has one of our 30,000
litre H2O on site tanker trailers on long term hire which we pop along to top
up keeping everything running smoothly.

Not everyone
needs to store 30,000 litres of water and certainly doesn’t need a tanker
trailer to do it, even one as handsome as ours.

For smaller
storage needs, we’ve a choice of static bowser capacities.  5, 10, 15 20 thousand litres if you like.  We have bowsers that feed your welfare blocks
with clean water for hand washing and toilet flush purposes or, you can provide
a drinking water supply with a specially prepped vessel with the water we
deliver certificated as drinking quality and for good measure the tanker, hoses
and fittings all meet DWI guidelines and WRAS approval standards.

When it comes the drinking water you provide, you carry the responsibility to ensure the stuff
is fit for that purpose. With our help, it’s not as daunting a task as it

Our nifty new
H2O on site service van makes a proud debut. See this on your site and you know
that the fellow driving it is well versed in water testing for the likes of e
coli and Legionella and when things aren’t quite right, we can deep cleanse
your water provision facility, chlorinating bowsers and flushing out lines to
bring everything back to pristine condition.

Just like we
did recently down south of the river near Dartford (video no 2).

A 10,000 litre
bowser drained, cleansed, chlorinated and refilled with drinking water with
hardly any interruption to the builders and staff in the site block.