Water Testing Services

Water Quality Testing


A quite complex and “testing” subject, which we’ll attempt to simplify in these pages.


Tardis H2O on site has a resident Water Hygienist who advises on water quality and conducts sampling and tests on site at both domestic, commercial and industrial premises.


Some of those from our water quality test results can be provided by our own testing apparatus and others have to be sent to independent UKAS approved laboratories for the results to be provided.



Water Quality Testing is broken down into the following categories:

  • Physical

Which examines the basic character and behaviour of water.


  • Chemical

Examines the level of specific substance dissolved in water.


  • Microbiological

Which ensures no harmful micro-organisms are present. Legionella and E coli being the most commonly suspected unwanted bugs we’re called upon to test for.


On a daily basis, we find ourselves testing anything from domestic drinking water supply for factors which might affect the taste or drinkability of the water. This can include lead from old plumbing installations or some other forms of contamination.



Water Analysis for areas we are called on to review include:

  • Swimming pools
  • Hot tubs and Jacuzzis
  • Garden and countryside ponds
  • Boreholes and wells and more.


Because of the complexity of what can be tested for in water, we have packages available catered to specific types of need.


It’s probably worth arranging a call back from our water hygienist, if you are even the slightest bit uncertain of what package is right for you.


Tell us what the water source is, your reasons for believing a water test is necessary and we’ll help you arrive at the correct package for your need.


Trust the experts in water, TardisH2O