Water Pump Rental- Choosing the correct pump for the right application


When it comes to pumps, we know a few things. They are applicable in a multitude of applications that vary from day to day or one-off jobs. We provide quite a few different styles of pumps.

The type of pump depends on if you need it for a specialist job or a typical welfare setup. Therefore, the specification for the pump required depends on its application.

High and low spec pumps. We try to anticipate and fulfill customer needs. These are available to hire or buy if you require the pump for a long term period.



Electric On-Demand Pump Hire:


Our bread and butter range is our 110V/240V on-demand water pumps. They are mainly hired out with our water tanks, towable bowsers and IBC’s.

Electric on-demand pumps are a perfect match for the typical welfare setup. They work based on a demand which kicks the pump into action delivering water to taps, toilets and anything else that’s connected.

On-demand pumps are suited for this work as there isn’t any additional setup. Just fit the water supply to the pump add power then its all systems go. Available to pair with these pumps are our Pump Protection boxes.



Petrol Water Pumps:


There are a variety of different petrol pumps we supply because the application of them are varied. These pumps move large bodies of water over a distance. This could mean from one pool to another or up to the side of a building. The specification of the pump needs to match the application it requires to achieve.


Petrol Water Pump


Macerator Pumps:


If you need a pump to handle sewage we do them. A macerator pump can be used to control pumping wastewater upwards. They are commonly found in welfare setups, pump chambers and any application where there is gravity involved.

Macerator Pumps provide more flexibility where waste tanks and drainage systems are located. Especially sites with minimal space as this can be a different alternative solution.


water macerator pump



Submersible Water Pumps:


Another variety of pumps we can offer are the submersible kind. When there’s already a body of water that exists, these are the ones that come into play. They typically remove water that has flooded an area such as:

  • Swimming pools
  • Water features
  • Flooded Car Parks
  • Reservoir


We often supply these in a mesh box to protect the pump from solids and other debris from damaging the pump. On the other hand, we can provide a submersible macerator pump which can fit nicely into pump chambers. They eliminate the need for a filter due to the nature of that style of pump.


Hire and Sale


A wide variety of pumps are all up for sale and hire. Feel free to inquire for all sales and hire. Contact us below or call us on 0800 731 0589.

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