Bulk Water for Soakaway and Percolation Testing

Water for Soakaway or Percolation Testing

Many might wonder just what a soakaway test is, so let us enlighten you.

In construction terms, soakaway is the drainability of the land in the locality. Important information often relevant to a new build project.

Clay soil for example, will impede the progress of water soaking into the land, to filter back to the water table deep underground, whereas sandy soil will allow faster drainage.

In a nutshell, that’s it. However, if you’re about to build anything from houses to a new shopping complex, then you need to know more about the land on which you are about to build, so you can determine the amount of drainage required.

Tardis H2O leaves the mathematics to the engineers who carry out the tests, but we do provide tanker loads of clean bulk water to allow the tests to take place.

To the untrained eye, a typical test involves digging holes in strategic places, filling them with predetermined amounts of water and then recording the time it takes for the water to “soak away”.

Tardis H2O has the tanker fleet and the depot infrastructure to provide bulk water around the country.