Bulk water delivery for ballast

Bulk water for ballast

Construction has a lot of unusual, possibly secret processes to complete their projects on time and on budget.

One such process we often find ourselves involved with, is water for ballast.

Imagine a construction project that’s out of town (no sewage network) and where a large number of buildings are creating liquid waste, toilet flushes, wash basins emptying and the likes.

Firstly, pretty big storage tanks are needed to prevent overflowing and of course to keep emptying cycles to a minimum.

These tanks are buried underground and in the main are made of plastic.

When burying such an item in wet concrete, you need to fill the tank with water as ballast. Why? Because if you don’t the lightweight plastic tank is going to float on the concrete.

Using water makes the burying process go smoothly. Once the concrete has set, simply pump out the water from the tank and you have an operational sewage tank ready to go into service.

You tell us the size of the tank and we’ll provide the tanker or tankers to complete the job.

Another water based service from Tardis H2O.


IBC Water Tanks

IBC water tanks make for ideal marquee weights, another type of ballast.

A filled IBC contains 1000 litres of water which equals 1 tonne in weight.

On this job, 60,000 litres of water was required on site to fill this vessel as ballast which was about to be embedded in concrete. We deployed two 30,000 litre water tankers.