Water for Barrier Filling

Water Barrier Filling

One of the most dangerous areas for construction people to work in, is that which involves fast moving traffic. Motorways and highways provide increased danger to those working within a perimeter. There is however a solution.

Short and medium term projects especially can benefit greatly from the use of water filled barriers. The procedure is simple. Book a Tardis tanker with capacity for the amount of water you need. Our tankers start at 16,000 litres and go up to 30,000 litres capacity.

When empty, barriers are lightweight and easily deployed, typically 35 kilos. Filled with water, you can multiply the weight by up to ten which makes the barrier a formidable method of protecting those inside the work area.

In the case of a collision from a vehicle, up to 40mph, the barrier will absorb energy from the collision, slowing the vehicle down and preventing it from entering the work area.

The barriers are also used to line a roadside when there is a trench the other side and to shepherd vehicles in a particular direction.

When the project is finished, you send for us to come empty the barriers so they can be removed from service. Disposal of the water is done through authorised and licensed disposal facilities.

Our vehicles are chapter 8 approved and therefore suitable for highway and motorway work.