Swimming Pool Water Delivery

Swimming Pool Water Delivery

There’s a bit of a difference between filling one of those little round inflatable paddling pools and even the most modest of swimming pools.

Connecting garden hose up to the tap just isn’t going to cut it, in fact, if you have children, they’ll be well into their teens before the pool is full.

Tardis H2O have consummate experience with all manner of swimming pools, up to 600,000 litres in one case.

We send our tankers brim full of clean water drawn from licensed local authority hydrants. The tanker has a petrol driven pump to speed up the delivery of the payload, more advantageous than a garden hose.

When it comes to calculating the capacity of your pool, it that’s something you don’t know already, then given the length, width and depth, we’ll calculate how many litres of water you’ll be needing.

Our tankers deliver up to 30,000 litres per load.

We even refilled the Sea Lion pool at a leading zoo recently, much to the delight of the residents. arf arf.

Trust the specialists in water, Tardis H2O.

Our video shows a job we did earlier last year filling two pools with in excess of 400,000 litres of water on a tight deadline.
We therefore employed several tankers working in relay to keep the supply into the pools constant. The usual hygiene procedures were practiced and job was completed in advance of the deadline.