Event Water

Drinking Water Station

Our handy 4 tap drinking water station is a winner at events and festivals. It connects in moments to any of our towable water bowsers or static water tanks.

Just one of these in operation will speed up the delivery of drinking water by a factor of 4.

A real queue buster.

Temporary Water Supply – Event Water

Festivals, carnivals, sporting events and summer fetes are the highlights of the British Summer. Event organisers will be pretty busy as these kinds of events take a lot of planning.

We’ll be busy too, delivering temporary water supply across the UK, whether it’s water for drinking water stations, sanitation facilities such as toilets, showers and hand wash stations, catering and dish washing facilities or even water for the hook-a-duck attraction, quack quack!

A reliable drinking water supply is something event organisers should carefully consider, particularly if there is no existing mains water supply, it is insufficient for the demand or, or lacks pressure.

Along with the duration of your event, you’ll ideally have an idea of the projected attendance, allowing us to advise of the quantity of water required. Our temporary water supply services are available in various forms, so armed with this information we’ll be able to tailor our advice based on circumstances.

Starting with IBC water tanks, with a capacity of 1000 litres of clean water only, making these ideal for sanitation.

When opting for drinking water, extra measures must be taken.

We’re well practiced in delivering wholesome quality assured drinking water, but from the point of delivery onwards, it’s the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure the continued fitness for purpose of the water being consumed.

If water is to be stored for greater than 24 hours, water testing will be required to ensure the water is still safe for human consumption. Testing should then be carried out at 24 hour intervals until the water is consumed or a refill is carried out.

Water testing is another service carried out by Tardis H2O.

All of the water storage vessels below can be prepared to hold quality assured drinking water:

Should additional pressure or the ability to increase water volume flow be required we’ve a range of water pumps, which can be added onto your hire request.

Our water tankers can then come to refill the vessels on demand.

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest, we’d often recommend supplying pallets of bottled water to your event and festival visitors. Upward of 24 pallets, savings can be made.

Whatever your temporary water supply requirements, call us on 0800 731 0589.