Water Tankers

water tanker fleet

Tardis H2O Delivery Vehicles Include:

  • 4x4 off road vehicles for towing 1000 and 2000 litre water bowsers

  • 16,000 litre (26 tonne) rear wheel steer rigid water tankers

  • 16,000 litre articulated water tankers

  • 30,000 litre (44 tonne) articulated water tankers

Examples of a bulk drinking water deliveries included 60,000 litres into a pressurised system to feed a hi-rise block and multiple tankers on site to provide a large leisure site with top up drinking water to their feeder tanks.

Our video library shows a number of examples where Tardis H2O steps up to the plate for bulk tankered water deliveries.

Bulk Water Tankers

To meet the varying needs of our clients, we’ve variety in our fleet of tankers used to deliver bulk, clean water or potable (drinking) water to site.


For smaller deliveries, including top up duties, we have 16,000 litre rigid, rear wheel steer tankers. These are particularly handy for accessing sites where an articulated lorry might struggle. Rear wheel steering and a shorter length gives these tankers the manoeuvrability to access sites through farm gates and the likes.

We also have 16,000 litre tanker barrels which we use for delivering water and as a large capacity storage vessel that can be left on site and topped up as required.

Incidentally, this option is not just limited to the 16k barrel, we’ll do the same with a 30,000 litre variant too. It’s a very popular option for sites with a daily thirst for water in bulk.

Our articulated tankers are 16,000 and 30,000 litres capacity providing bulk water for a mind boggling array of high volume requirements. Concrete batching plants, swimming pools including one recently for Sea lions.

We provide water ballast for tanks that require burying in concrete, water for ships, theme park attractions, no dig drilling operations to name but a few.

All those examples are of course clean bulk water, which is drawn from local authority sources, using licenced standpipes.


We’ve also provided many thousands of litres of drinking water in a day, using a fill the breach operation of H2O tankers, keeping the supply constant in a crisis.

There’s a slight difference in the method used to deliver drinking water, as it involves ensuring the tanker vessel is deep cleansed in advance of any water being put into it. Fittings and hoses are cleansed too.

Water is drawn from local authority hydrants and tested as fit for purpose. At the point of delivery, fittings are again sanitised before water passes through them and if the receiving vessel has been provided by Tardis, that too will have been scrupulously cleaned in advance ready to take water that’s fit for drinking.

FORS Silver

All vehicles in the Tardis H2O fleet are accredited to FORS (Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme) Silver standard. The voluntary accreditation scheme promotes best practice for commercial vehicles in all aspects of road safety, efficiency and environmental awareness.