Solar Panel Cleaning

solar panel cleaning

Bulk Water for Solar Panel Cleaning

TardisH2O has the tanker fleet to deliver bulk water for solar panel cleaning. At 30,000L per load, we will provide clean water to site. Domestic solar panels or solar panels for agriculture, we have your water needs covered.


How to clean a Solar Panel


Cleaning a solar panel is simple. Firstly, if a lot of dust and dirt has accumulated, it will require plenty of water and only soap. Other chemicals and detergents could damage the solar panel.


We have provided bulk water for agriculture, specifically, for a customer who required bulk water for over ten solar panels.


How much water do i need for cleaning my solar panels?


Depending on how many solar panels you have, we can provide bulk water starting from 1000L for IBC filling up to 100,000L for pillow tanks. If you need a water storage vessel to store the water, we can also hire these out. Check out our items for hire.


Book your bulk water delivery today


If you require bulk water to clean your solar panels, contact us today for a free quote.

Additonal Extras

Water Pump Hire Petrol Water Pump

Water Tanker Trailer Hire

We leave you a barrel full of water from 16 to 32,000 litres capacity and you call us to come by and refill it as and when needed.

Tardis Fitter

On-Site Tardis Fitter

Where set ups and installations of bladder tanks are concerned, we’d always recommend the attendance of an on-site Tardis fitter.