Bulk Water Delivery

Bulk Water Delivery Service – Providing Clean Water

All water loaded on to Tardis H2O tankers is drawn from licenced water authority sources. We use the appropriate hydrant, standpipe and pipework.
It’s important our clients know this and that our tanker drivers are trained in water extraction techniques. This is known as water calming, to ensure supplies drawn from the network are crystal clear.
Fittings are disinfected. The hydrant supply is run for a minimum of thirty seconds to ensure the water is clear and free from visual contaminants, mud of silt from within the lines.
Water calming is a technique to extract water from the network. It’s to prevent surges in pressure and overall prevent damage to the pipeline.
Clean water is intended for all uses except for drinking. Whilst a person may not come to harm by drinking freshly drawn clean water, it is the regulation for transport of clean versus drinking water which dictates its fitness for purpose.
Where human contact is concerned, clean water will be used for toilet flushing and hand washing purposes.
For long term storage of clean water used in hand washing, we recommend a routine of chlorination.
Please contact us for information regards water treatment of this nature. Chlorination does not constitute a treatment to make the water fit to drink.

Bulk Water Delivery – Clean Water:

    • Water drawn from local authority sources
    • Water calming techniques to prevent sediment contamination
    • Range of delivery vehicles to suit most site requirements
    • Multiple loads can be scheduled for larger water needs
    • Hoses and fittings sanitised before tanker is filled
    • Deliveries on a long term scheduled or call-off basis
Tardis Tech Spec Sheet Library
  One of our recent jobs involved providing bulk clean water for making concrete on a mobile batching plant. Our clients had a large area to prepare for warehousing, so this job called for water, lots of it.