Bulk Water Delivery

Bulk Water Delivery

Tardis H2O classes bulk water as anything 1000 litres and above.

So, whether you’re wanting to fill an IBC, a static tank or a swimming pool, we can more than meet your need.

We use a variety of delivery methods. 16,000 litre rigid tankers with rear wheel steering that offer manoeuvrability and access where a larger tanker might find difficulty accessing the delivery point.

We also have an articulated fleet of tankers, 16,000 litre barrels and 30,000 litres capacity.

Because we consider a thousand litres or more bulk water, you could of course have a 2000 litre highway towable bowser which, like our tankers can be prepared to carry clean water or quality assured drinking water.

Whatever your bulk water need, we can meet it and when you need storage options you can turn to us for a solution too.

Bowsers, IBCs, static tanks, pillow or bladder tanks (which offer a capacity up to 250,000 litres).

We provide pumps and hoses to assist with moving all that water around, all of which are covered elsewhere on this website.

All water is drawn from local authority supplies using licenced standpipes. Drinking water is subjected to both quality checks when loaded into the tanker, which is deep cleansed prior to filling with hoses and fittings pre-treated also, to maintain the fitness for purpose of the payload.

We’ve been in the bulk water business for some time, so you can rest assured that water from Tardis H2O on site is in pristine condition when we deliver it.