One of our recent jobs was to provide bulk clean water for
making concrete on site our clients employing a mobile batching plant.

They’ve a large area of land to prepare for warehousing and
the process involves a stream of lorries that queue to sit below the machine
and be loaded with freshly made aggregate which is then taken away to the
site postcode where it will be laid.

The batching plant is capable of turning out tons of the
sloppy stuff per day and that calls for water, lots of it.

Luckily Tardis H2O on site has the water
and the means to deliver it when it’s called for.

Sometimes there’s a call for water to be stored on site.
Again, we step into the breach with a choice of storage vessel from a 1000
litre towable bowser to a 32,000 litre tanker barrel for those really thirsty

When required, we pop along and top up with wholesome clean
water to keep you running whether you’re using it to flush the loos or lay the
foundations for tomorrow’s industry base.

If you’ve a need for bulk water, clean or quality assured
potable, call the H2O team on 0800 731 0589