Since early winter, we’ve been reminding everyone via our blog, that cold weather and sub-zero temperatures can be fatal for electric on-demand water pumps as can torrents of rain our British climate has a talent for providing.

Weep no more over the demise of your trusty little water pump, provide it a little kennel in the shape of the Tardis pump protection box.

Specially designed to house the smaller electric on-demand pumps, they offer protection from wind, rain and freezing temperatures, whilst maintaining the ventilation the pump needs.

An electrical connection lead is included, 110v or 240v.

As a belt and braces gesture, we advise you lag the exposed water pipework during the winter months to prevent that from freezing too.

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially if your pump is exposed to damage by freezing.  Avoid a repair bill with this handy little box.

Dimensions are 500mm x 310mm x 520mm

The pump protection box is a ready-made solution available as an add-on to your hire of on-demand pumps, water tanks and bowsers. The complete turnkey package.

Ask the friendly hire desk on 0800 731 0589

Click the link below for the spec sheet PDF.


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