Tardis ECO H2O

Drinking Water Solution

drinking water storage

Tardis ECO H2O collapsible drinking water storage solution

Have you been to a festival or event and noticed a lot of plastic litter? Our Tardis ECO H2O 1000L is a drinking water storage container.  The purpose of our new eco-friendly solution is to replace plastic water bottles as a source of water supply.

Tardis ECO H2O is a perfect drinking water supply for the events industry due to its robust eco-friendly design. It is versatile to also be used in construction sites.


Plastic Prohibied

Bag and Box Packaging- Recyclable Option


High traffic events already produce a high level of waste. Plastic bottles or cups, for example, are often consumed in high volumes. The bag and box packaging design are intended to easily break down and collapse once it has been consumed. This then can be recycled as normal. We are proud to provide an environmentally bulk drinking water solution. Tardis ECO H2O negate the necessity for water in plastic bottles and cuts down on excess litter. As we all know, plastic is not fantastic! Plastic provides many environmental issues worldwide. At Tardis, we support and encourage recyclable products and solutions.


Refill and Bags provided after use

Please note: Although this is a recyclable option, for reoccurring use, we can provide extra bags for water refills. Please contact us and we can arrange further refills. 



Tardis ECO H2O can be delivered throughout the UK at competitive rates. All site need is a forklift to offload. The water is quality assured at the point of delivery.

Drinking Water

TardisH2O provides quality assured drinking water to construction and the event industry. Check out our drinking water testing guide below for more information.



  • 1000L drinking water capacity
  • Fully recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatibility with all filling and discharge processes
  • Tap kit included with push fit fittings
  • Ideal for construction sites and outdoor events
  • After use, it can be easily broken down ready for recycling
tardis ecoh2o