Staying hydrated is a key factor in maintaining health and wellbeing and is something not to be taken for granted in hot weather or during a busy day at the office.

Drinking water:

        helps you to stay more alert throughout the day

        keeps your joints lubricated

        Improves your energy levels

       Helps to prevent dry mouth which can be a cause of bad breath

        It helps with improving your brain functions

You might be dehydrated:

         If  you lack concentration

        have low energy which leads to sleepiness

       are prone to  headaches

An effective measure in combating dehydration can be a water cooler in the workplace. 


Tardis H2O provides high quality water coolers which are ideal for instant refreshment. The standard model is floor standing or where space is at a premium. there is the counter top version which is half the size of a standard water cooler. Our water coolers are easy to set up, all you need is a standard power point. The water is supplied by using the familiar plastic bottle which can be replaced in moments. 

For more information on our water coolers please click here

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