Water Sprinkler testing is an essential application to any new buildings infrastructure. TardisH2O can provide 30,000 litres or more of clean water for pump and tank fire sprinkler systems, this will be used for testing to meet BS 9251 standard. At TardisH2O we can deliver and meet your most of you water requirements.


Water Sprinkler Testing Requirements


As stated by the Fire Protection Association, water sprinklers are an essential part of many buildings fire safety strategy.

To ensure continued and dependable performance, the system should be subjected to a thorough maintenance and test regime. This includes an independent annual inspection. So what do you need? Its simple, bulk water.

We would arrive and deliver the bulk clean water to fill the tank to be used in the sprinkler system. In terms of quantity, our TardisH2O fleet can provide up to 30,000 litres per load.


How often should you test a Fire Sprinkler System?


According to Statesystems, certain elements of the system can be inspected on weekly basis and up to a 5 year period. The tests conducted every 5 years for example would be the inspection of all the internal pipework.


What does Fire Sprinkler Testing Involve?

According to BS 9251:2014, the most commons testing methods are:
1. Inspect all valves controlling the water system supply
2. Ensure they are locked in the open position
1. Inspect all sprinklers for damages, corrosion or accumulations of grease and paint
2. Conduct one main drain test to ensure water supply still active
3. Test electric fire pump at full capacity if installed

Further publication details of fire sprinkler testing procedures can be found by clicking here.

(BSI code of practice for “Fire sprinkler systems for domestic and residential occupancies. Code of practice).



What Does TardisH2O provide for a Water Sprinkler Test?



We provide bulk water for pump and tank style of fire sprinkler systems. The tanks are usually located at the bottom of the building, be in mind the distance of the tanker trailer to the tank. If the access to the tanks is limited it might require additional pumps for the water to travel the needed distance. If you think this might be the case you can always enquire to our sales team.

The water we deliver is clean water taken from a licensed water authority. Please Note: The inspection of the fire sprinkler system itself requires independent expertise. We are only the bulk water suppliers.


 bulk water delivery for a water sprinkler system



Bulk Water Delivery for Water Sprinkler Systems 



Our Tardis fleet can provide bulk water of up to 30,000L per trailer. We have the tools and knowledge to provide multiple solutions. Depending on the site limitations, it is important to let us know if there are site restrictions on size of vehicles or any specific PPE requirements.

Access limitations on site can cause delays on the job and therefore affect how efficient we can be in providing and fulfilling your bulk water needs.



water sprinkler system



The above a customer required a water fill for a water tank associated with the fire sprinkler system. The tanker was able to reverse close to the service entrance which didn’t require us to add additional pipes or pumps making the job smooth and easy.


Check the Pipework of your Fire Sprinklers are Frost Protected



Our recent blog on Frost Protection explains about the importance of ensuring your pipework is protected from freezing weather conditions. In harsh weather conditions, water that freezes below zero can cause harm to your pipework.

It is up to the site to make sure that ambient temperature maintains above zero. This is to prevent issues with freezing pipework.

The water tank associated with the fire sprinkler system will most likely be located within a well insulated part of the building. This is most likely the basement.

Triangle sprinkler systems has advised to make sure room temperature is regulated, especially if there are longer periods of absence. There may be a frost setting in regards to the heating of the room.



Providing water for a customer and their water sprinkler system


We were on a job where our customer required a water fill for the water sprinkler system. The video shows the procedure of our Tardis operative providing bulk water. We provided over 60,000L for a brand new installation of a commercial building in Manchester.



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