TardisH2O has been working with many companies nationwide to bring bulk water to construction sites. Some of these sites have been major government projects such as Crossrail and High Speed 2. We can comply with site requirements.


What is High Speed 2?


High speed 2, is commonly known as HS2. This government project is to create a high-speed rail that directly connects North to South. Specifically, Birmingham to London, East Midlands, Yorkshire and the North West. There are 2 phases of the project. HS2 is scheduled for completion by 2033. The route is outlined below.


high speed 2


Tardis vehicle fleet can provide up to 30,000 litres per load


TardisH2O can provide bulk water delivery. This is anything from 1000 litres and above. We can fill an IBC, a static tank or even a swimming pool.

We use a variety of delivery methods such as 16,000 litre rigid tankers with rear wheel steering. Therefore, these tankers offer manoeuvrability and access where a larger tanker might find difficulty accessing the delivery point. We also have an articulated fleet of tankers with 16,000 litre barrels and up to 30,000 litres capacity. Our comprehensive fleet allows us to get to you on site.

Bulk water is often considered for water over one thousand litres or more. Alternatively, we have a 2,000 litre highway towable bowser. Like our tankers, they can be prepared to carry clean water or quality assured drinking water.

Do you need more than 30,000 litres? Not a problemContact us and we can provide and arrange for a higher volume of delivery for your bulk water requirements.


We provide various storage options for bulk water:

  • Water Bowsers
  • IBCs
  • Static tanks
  • Pillow or bladder tanks (capacity up to 250,000 litres)
  • Towable bowsers (useful for transport around site)


We also provide pumps and hoses to assist with moving all that water around, all of which are covered elsewhere on this website.

Petrol Water Pumps

Electric Water Pumps

bulk water delivery


FORS compliant tankers & fully accredited 


Our TardisH2O fleet are FORS Silver Compliant. This means that that we are capable of attending construction sites with certain requirements:


HS2 CompliantCrossrail CompliantChapter 8 Compliant
All road going vehicles must be Euro 6 compliantWarning alerts for cyclistsHave fluorescent yellow retro-reflective strips that are no less than 50 mm wide that will go along the length of the vehicle or the vehicle
All vehicles must be approved prior to deliveryBlind spot sensorsHave Motorway or Highway Maintenance labelling
Driver names and competencies must be providedSide under run guardsHave red reflective tape on all rear facing edges of the doors
Additional safety equipment must be fitted to vehicles over 3.5t GVWHave additional markings where the rear facing chevrons may be blocked
2020 stage 5 enginesCrash cushions
Automatic braking system
Reversing bleeper

Twin roof beacons




FORS Silver Logo


Our new fleet of tankers are also Euro 6 ready in order to comply to the new upcoming changes of the new Ultra Low Emission zone in London next year. For more information, check out our London Lorry Control scheme blog from our TardisHire site.


Contact us today for your bulk water delivery for High Speed 2


Contact our sales team who will be able to assist you in booking in your bulk water delivery.

Nationwide Number: 0800 731 0589

Email: h2oonsite@tardishire.co.uk

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