pH water levels are not always the first thing that come to mind when it comes to water. Have you heard of the “pH scale”? Presuming you have, pH in the context of water is usually to describe the drinkability of the water and how certain water substances are different in pH level.


pH water levels


What is pH?


pH is an indication and measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance, in this case, water. The scale used to measure pH is from 1-14. 1 indicates the most acidotic while 13 is alkalinity. 7 is the neutral point.


Below is a table of various instances of pH levels in water when used in different applications.

WaterCommon pH Levels
Water from the TapSlightly above neutral 7.5
Bottled Water7
Sea Water8
Bottle of Coke2.5
Acid Rain4
Water found in BleachAround 13


There may be specific applications where water is more likely to require testing. Below we take the example of testing water in your pond.


Water Pond Testing


If you have a water pond and suspect there is an issue with the pH levels in your water, our Tardis water hygienist can help. Water quality is crucial in providing the health for your pond fish. We have the expertise and equipment to help. We also test for Nitrate, Nitrite and Amonia in water ponds.


Is your water safe to drink?


If you suspect that the water is not deemed safe to drink, call us so we can assist you further. We can provide quality assured drinking water in bulk quantities if required. Furthermore, we can provide water testing to give conclusive results and help you with your next step of getting the water you need.


pH of Bottled Water


The pH of bottled water is roughly between 6.5 to 7.5 for your typical brands. It is at a similar level to tap water. However certain brands may be more acidic or contain more alkaline meaning the pH level could be slightly outside this range.


bulk bottled water range


Drinking Water Delivery


Drinking water is tested before delivery to site by TardisH2O. There are strict regulations regarding temporary water supplies. Once we deliver to site, it is up to you to check the purpose and integrity of the water once we pass the payload onto site from the point of delivery. All details can be found in the BS 8551: 2015.


Require testing of your water- We can help.


We provide both commercial and domestic water testing. Our water hygienist can carry testing out on site. Any uncertainty of your pH levels in your water can be solved. Contact us today to arrange your water test.

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