We now have a new feature on our website which is our new tank volume calculator. Our new tank volume calculator will work out the capacity of the tank, when you enter in the measurements for your tank. This makes it easier to know the capacity for your tank, so you know how much water is needed to fill up your tank. Click here to use our new tank volume calculator. 

Also, if your tank already has water inside and you want to know how much to fill it up you can enter in the height of the liquid to the calculator as well. So you will then know the capacity of the tank and the contents already in the tank. This feature makes it simple to know how much water is needed to be ordered to fill up the tank. As well as, knowing the capacity and contents of the tank will be displayed in a variety of different units such as liters, meters, and gallon etc, to save you from converting the results. 

With our volume tank calculator you are able to work out the volume of different types of tanks these include:

    – Horizontal cylindrical tank

    – Vertical cylindrical tank

    – Rectangular tank

Please go to our website by clicking here or call us on 0800 731 0589 for more information. 

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