Water Cooler Hire

water cooler hire

Water Cooler Hire

Water Cooler Hire

Have you had your water cooler moment today?


If not, it’s possibly because you didn’t know Tardis H2O provide high quality water cooler hire perfect for office or site use.

Our water cooler hire service is an excellent solution for construction sites to have a quality assured chilled drinking water supply on demand.

Quarterly sanitisation of the units is included in our hire quotes.

We have two models available in the shapre of a floor standing version that delivers a choice of chilled or hot water literally on tap.

Where space is at a premium, our countertop water cooler offers the same hot and cold option, but is half the height of the floor model.

They are so easy to install, simply plug into a 230 volt domestic power source and enjoy hot or chilled water on demand.



Supply is by the familiar, safe upside down 18.9 litre plastic bottle which can be replaced in moments.

Water is essential for staying healthy and hydrated, especially during hot weather.

Individual needs vary and can be dictated by environment, such as a sweltering, stuffy site cabin.

The general recommendation is around 8 glasses of water a day (that’s approximately 2 litres).

Drinking water in the office isn’t just beneficial to the individual, but also the business.

Being fully hydrated can improve alterness, brain functions and energy levels, improving productivity and possibly reducing sickness levels.

Happy people are hydrated people.

To discuss your drinking water needs, call our team for a free quote today on 0800 731 0589 or request a quote online.