Tanker Trailer Hire

Construction is a thirsty industry as this 30,000 litre tanker trailer parked on site for a long term construction project shows. We visit on a regular basis to keep it topped up. 

Water Storage Barrels

A water storage barrel, is the tank from an articulated unit we use to deliver water.

They double up beautifully, as a bulk storage option, when water requirements on site are heavy and continuous.

We leave you a barrel full of water from 16 to 32,000 litres capacity and you call us to come by and refill it as and when needed.

If you are drawing considerable amounts of water from the trailer, you can add a petrol or diesel driven pump to your hire requirement to speed up the delivery.

Because of the weight issue with a fully laden tank, we do ask you to review where you’re going to site the vessel and consider the use of our specially designed plates to site under the tanker legs to prevent them sinking into soft ground.

Additonal Extras

Petrol Water Pump Hire

We carry a considerable range of petrol water pumps, designed to meet different needs. We also stock diesel pumps, should your site require.


We’d recommend outrigger pads to distribute the weight on the ground from the trailer stabiliser legs, thus preventing the legs sinking into softer ground.

Water Fills On Demand

We can deliver up to 30,000 litres per load, clean or quality assured drinking water, dependent on your requirements. Schedule routine refills to ensure a continuous supply.