Water Pump Hire - Petrol Water Pumps

Water Pump Hire – Petrol Water Pumps

When you want to move water from one location to another and do the job a little quicker you need a petrol (or Diesel) powered pump.

 Tardis H2O carries a considerable range of pumps that may look similar in appearance, but are designed to meet different and demanding needs of the job at hand.

For example, some of the petrol water pumps on offer, are more suited to lifting water from underground say from a well, whereas others will be the correct option for pumping water to an elevated height, or just an increased distance over flat ground.

They can all handle a small amount of debris suspended in the water you want to move, so if it’s pond or groundwater, you’ll have no difficulties.

Review the spec sheet for the pump you’re considering beforehand, or talk to our hire desk.

Operation is pretty straightforward,. An on / off switch on the pump body provides the spark for the engine, pull the cord and as long as you remembered to fuel the pump, you’re in business.

Standard size for pipework is 2” (50mm), though you can by use of adapters, alter that to suit the job. Again, discuss your needs with our hire desk.

Our spec sheet library gives the pertinent technical and application information you need, such as how much liquid the pump will move per minute.

Commonly Used With

Tanker Trailer Hire

We can deliver a tanker barrel to site, up to 32,000 litres and pop along when required to refill the vessel. Tanker trailer hire is particurly effective on sites with high volume usage such as concrete making.

Static Water Tanks

Static water tanks are a medium storage option, we have 5000 and 10,000 litre variants available for hire immediately. Larger capacities available on request.

Bladder Tanks

For volume storage, we’d recommend bladder tanks which hold up to 250,000 litres. They feature a range of benefits verses traditional water storage methods including easy transportation (when empty) and quick deployment.