IBC Water Tanks & Water Fills

IBC Water Tanks

An IBC or Intermediate Bulk Container is the ideal storage option for holding smaller amounts of water.

When we say small, we mean a thousand litres contained in a compact cube with an outlet tap and a lid at the top for easy filling.

Commonly, a translucent plastic container with a protective outer cage, makes this a robust storage vessel for a variety of purposes on construction sites especially.

Raised above ground level to creative a gravity feed, IBCs are often sited on top of welfare cabins or toilet blocks providing a supply of water for hand washing and toilet flushing.

At ground level, they provide an instant water source for small scale concrete making, wash downs even tool and boot washing.

IBCs are used for clean and waste water only, not drinking.

As a rule of thumb, translucent white is for clean water storage and black for waste water.

Tardis 1000 litre IBCs are delivered pre-treated in a freshly sanitised, empty condition.

We can arrange refills on an as needed basis.

We also have a deep cleansing on-site service as IBCs occasionally become contaminated, especially by harmless algae during summer months or by mud or oil.

Deep cleansing using high pressure jetting and controlled doses of Chlorine bring IBCs up to pristine condition. Our mobile H2O service unit is especially equipped for this purpose.

One of our recent jobs involved providing bulk clean water for making concrete on a mobile batching plant. Our clients had a large area to prepare for warehousing, so this job called for water, lots of it.

IBC water tanks can easily become contaminated, especially during the warmer months. If your water tanks look like the one on the left, it may be time to call in the experts in IBC deep cleansing.

Supply – Fill – Cleansing


The complete solution.

Additonal Extras

Water Tank Deep Cleansing

Standing water thats not controlled by refrigeration or testing is a breeding ground for bacteria. Fortunately you can rely on Tardis H2O to help keep your water vessel and its contents fit for purpose, just another service provided by Tardis H2O.

Electric Water Pump Hire

IBC water tanks are often mounted above ground level, to provide gravity feed to welfare cabins and toilet blocks. Should this not be the case, we’d recommend an electric on-demand water pump to provide additional pressure.

Water Fills on Demand

Schedule routine water fills or call us to book as and when required, we can supply up to 30,000 litres of clean or quality assured drinking water* per load. *Please note, IBC water tanks are suitable for the storage of clean water only.