Dust Suppression Solutions

Dust Suppression Bowsers for Hire

Life on a construction site is fraught with problems. In winter it’s mud and in summer, it’s dust, lots of dust. Construction sites require dust supression bowsers to eliminate dust on-site.

Fortunately, we’ve studied the dust problem which after all, can be a health hazard. We have a range of dust suppression solutions ready for you to apply to the problem at hand.

The Tardis Dustroyer

Based on a 2000 litre road towable bowser, the water is pumped to the dispersion plate using a small petrol engined pump. Dust bowsers are ideal for damping down small to medium site areas. car parks or factory approaches, the unit can be easily refilled via the top mounted lid.
As it’s road towable, you can refill at a convenient hydrant, taking care that if it is a local authority one, you meet licencing requirements.
The road towable design has a backboard with lighting assembly and room for a number plate. A break away mechanism will bring the bowser to a halt should it become unattached from the towing vehicle, applying a brake.
Remember: 2000 litres of water weighs two tonnes. Ensure your towing vehicle is suitable for this weight, should you be planning to take a full vessel out on the road.
Tardis Tech Spec Sheet Library

Tardis Big Daddy Dust Supression Bowser

These are the big lads in dust suppression with 6000, 7000 and 10,000 litres of capacity in store.
These are site towable, meaning you can’t legally tow them on the highway with a payload. Unlike the Dustroyer which by design, can be.
With their big chunky tyres, these bowsers won’t have any trouble with uneven ground. The large payload means you can damp down a much larger area between refills.
Quite often, we supply these bowsers with a backup water vessel and pump so they can be refilled as needed. In one case recently a 50,000 litre pillow tank provided a considerable backup supply.
dust suppression bowser