Bladder Tanks for Hire or Sale

Bladder Tanks

Bladder tanks are also referred to as pillow tanks.

The biggest advantage of choosing this as your water storage option, is the transportability of the empty tank.

Weighing much less than their plastic or steel counterparts, depending on the size of tank, these can be transported in anything from a small van to a mid-sized HGV.

Deployment is a matter of laying a ground sheet to protect the tank, unroll the tank on to the ground sheet, connect up the fill hose to a choice of inlet fitting types and fill her up.

From a thousand litres up to 250,000 litres (yes you heard right). Bladder tanks provide a relatively small footprint with above average storage capabilities.

When the tank valve is closed, there’s no evaporation, so it is therefore ideal for long term storage of clean or dirty water.

Bladder tanks are designed for both temporary and long term storage of fuel, clean water, drinking water and other liquids, including grey water, dilute chemicals and liquid fertilisers.

Tanks should not be used to store liquids other than that for which they have been designed.

We offer a standard range of pillow tanks for hire or sale, however tanks can also be manufactured to suit specific customer requirements.

We’ve prepared a guide on the recommended use, storage and transportation of bladder tanks.

Additonal Extras

Petrol Water Pump Hire

Petrol pumps are ideal for moving larger quantities of water into another vessel such as a dust suppression unit.

On-Site Tardis Fitter

Where set ups and installations of bladder tanks are concerned, we’d always recommend the attendance of an on-site Tardis fitter. Sometimes a 2 man crew will be required dependent on the size of the tank.

Water Fills On Demand

Our water delivery tankers are strategically located at our depots around the country, allowing us to provide water fills on demand up to 30,000 litres per load.