Items for Hire

Items for hire

When it comes to bulk water, in many applications, you’ll need somewhere to keep your water until you come to use it.
Step up to the plate Tardis H2O on site. Not only the bulk water, but the vessels to store it and what a choice.
The leading questions when choosing water vessels, are how much do you need to store and what are you using it for?

IBC Totes

At the small end, our 1000 litre IBC provides a robust plastic cube container (stackable when empty). It is recommended for clean water. They feature a large filler cap on top and a small lever take off tap at the bottom.
Often they are mounted above ground level on a frame or secure roof structure. This is to provide a gravity feed of water for toilet flushing and hand washing purposes, when connected to a welfare or toilet block.


Moveable water?


You’ll be needing a towable water bowser. We can supply site towable and highway towable and a choice for storing clean or drinking water, portable potable you might say.

1000 and 2000 litre variants and the choice dependent on the requirement.

Please note, if you are refilling towable bowsers, please ensure you comply fully with local authority regulations, which means licensed standpipes and observing correct withdrawal procedures. Water authorities can and DO prosecute for illegal withdrawal of their water.


Dust suppression


A spinoff of the towable bowser and a common site in construction and road projects in summer months, is the dust suppression bowser. We’ve a choice available from our Dustroyer range, starting at 2000 litre and moving up to the “Daddy and Big Daddy models which due to their sizes of 6 / 7 and 10,000 litres are site towable only. All models deliver outstanding dust suppression.


Static tank storage


When you’re looking to store larger quantities of water, look no further than static water tanks. Again, these can be prepared for storing clean or quality assured drinking water. They are ideal for feeding toilet and welfare blocks, even our Tardis 4 bay luxury shower trailer, which they often do.

We can supply various pipework and fittings, though the standard outlet is 2” (50mm) Bauer / Plasson.

Sizes available from stock are shown on the relevant page.


Tanker Trailer Hire


Some industries are water thirsty, concrete making for instance. This is where tanker trailer hire comes into its own. You specify the size you need, 30,000 being the largest, we deliver to the site and pop along to top up as and when required.


Bring on the Big Boys – Bladder tanks for volume storage.


The largest capacity tanks we can employ are bladder or pillow tanks which run to 250,000 litres. The one shown at the top of the page is a fifth of the size at fifty thousand litres.

The benefits include easy transport (when empty) and deployment. You have a choice of specifying the fitting for the tank, depending on your usage and you’ve an innovative storage solution with the benefits of VOLUME.


And pump up the volume.


As we often say, “Trust Tardis”, who realise you’ll need to move some of this stored water from A to B. That’s why we carry an impressive range of water pumps to hire or purchase, from the electric on-demand pump frequently used on site for providing water pressure to toilet blocks and welfare units.

Continuous supply pumps have a variety of end user features, depending on whether you are pumping your water across flat ground or up hill and down dale. You’ll find we’ve a pump to meet the need. Most are petrol driven, though we have diesel models too.

And the hoses and fittings to allow you to complete the job.


Fuss-free alternatives


Did you know, that if you are providing bulk water for people to drink, you become responsible for the fitness for purpose of that water at the point of delivery?

It does involve some record keeping and testing, to ensure people stay well when drinking water from an uncontrolled and unrefrigerated source.

You can, however, provide water in bottles making the distribution to thirsty folk a doddle and there are no testing or recordkeeping requirements as with bulk storage.

A choice of bottle sizes and screw or sports cap means this is the way to get hydration and refreshment to a large number of people in measured amounts pretty much instantly.

Festivals, fetes, sport and marathon extravaganzas. Bottled water for hydration in a moment.


For those Hot House summer days.


Gloop goes the water cooler, delivering instant chilled refreshment at the tug of a lever. Surprisingly you can get hot water too. We do two models, the traditional floor standing model and the smaller but equally adequate desk top variant.

All you need is a 13 amp domestic socket for the power and a bottle on top and you have an instant hydration point for those water cooler moments.

It’s not just offices who enjoy our water coolers. Site cabins too will often install them as the only point for approved drinking water.



Information to view and download.


Our spec sheet library carries all the information you need on tankers, vessels, pumps etc and of course, you can always turn to our knowledgeable hire desk team, if you need a bit of human help.


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