Insulated IBC Jackets- Perfect solution for Providing Insulation of IBC’s on-site


IBC insulated Jackets provide protection to the IBC with a thick insulated jacket that can withstand temperatures from -35° to 75°. IBC’S are often left on-site and can quickly become a target for bacteria. An IBC insulation jacket is the ideal addition to your IBC container.


IBC Jacket


Can an IBC Jacket prevent algae growth?

Algae growth is a common issue in IBC’s, especially in summer months. This is due to the sun reflecting on the IBC’s and accelerating algae growth. The jacket can certainly help slow down, or even prevents algae growth depending on the positioning of the IBC and if there is any exposure to the sunlight. Find out more from our recent blog on how algae growth can affect your water on-site. For more information, Algae in Water blog.


An IBC Jacket is useful for any application that requires protection of the IBC. Construction sites, events & festivals anywhere with the demand for an IBC, the insulated jacket makes a perfect addition. It is easy to attach as there are adjustable velcro fittings. The jacket fits your traditional size IBC for 1000 Litres.


Useful Applications for IBC Jackets on-site

  1. If you have a dusty construction site or simply storing in a dusty environment, the jacket can prevent the IBC from suffering from dust and contaminating the water and the fittings on the IBC, consequently contaminating the water.
  2. Winter conditions provide frosts and low temperature. The insulated jacket can help combat frost.


IBC Tote Tanks for Hire


We can provide IBC’s on short and long term hire. IBC Jackets are also available upon request to prevent algae growth and insulate the inside of the IBC to keep the water cool.

For further specification on our IBC Jackets, check out the specsheet here.


We can provide high quantity of water


The water that we deliver to the site will be prior tested to the highest standard. At the point of delivery, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the integrity of water is fit for purpose for the required intention. If you have issues with your water and require testing, we can respond quickly and arrive on-site to conduct appropriate testing.


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