Industrial Water Suppliers

Industrial Water Services


Tardis H2O provide industrial water services. One sector which readily springs to mind as a major user of bulk water is construction.


Take it from us, industry is thirsty.

Tardis H2O are industrial water suppliers. One sector which readily springs readily to mind as a major user of bulk water, is construction.
Concrete manufacturing for example uses lots of water and Tardis H2O steps up to the plate.
Food processing and manufacturing industries need large volumes of bulk water for daily operations.
Another thirsty industry is the landscape friendly “no dig drilling” where water is used to flush the unwanted slurry back to a holding pit. The pit is emptied by a vacuum tanker (Our sister company Tardis Hire does this too).
But it’s not always tanker loads of water that is needed. We regularly travel round the country doing water top ups to IBCs, bowsers and larger static water tanks. These are used for a variety of reasons, quite often for hand washing and toilet flushing in welfare cabins and toilet blocks.
Smaller capacity concrete manufacturing on site will also often prefer a more compact water vessel.
Whatever the need, the water is right there, where and when you need it. Drawn from local authority sources using licenced standpipes.
We even load water on to ships performing maintenance and repair tasks offshore. Our water ends up back where it came from, in the ocean!
In our book, cleanliness is next to Godliness. We make sure that water intended even for construction, is contaminant free. Before it’s loaded into a tanker, it will have regular testing.
industrial water services
industrial water services