How Do Water Bowsers Work?


A water bowser is used to transport fluid across site that can also be used as storage. They are available in a variety of sizes with different purposes for example, drinking water bowsers, fuel bowsers and waste bowsers. So how do water bowsers work?

Water bowsers are perfect for providing water when there is no access to water mains on site.

Normally, water bowsers are filled from the top with clean or drinking water. With drinking water bowsers, preparation is needed in order for it to be used as a drinking water vessel. Usually with water bowsers if they are used in a welfare setup they are connected with an on demand pump. All our bowsers are fitted with a 25mm outlet which is perfect for fitting MDPE. This is the compatible fitting with our pumps.


Can I use a pump with a water bowser?


A pump connection allows water to be drawn from the bowser. A welfare setup would often use an on demand pump. A standard fitting on a bowser is compatible with our 110/240V on demand pumps. In any other application where you need to move water from one location to another, a petrol water pump is more suitable. Petrol water pumps may require additional fittings. Speak to us so we can confirm the type you need.




Site Towable Bowsers


Site towable bowsers are designed to easily transport fluid across site. Due to its durability, it can handle demanding terrain and easily towable by most vehicles such as forklifts.

Our 1000L site towable bowser cannot be towed on the road with any payload. However, if the bowser is completely empty, it can be towed on the highway. The bowser will require a number plate matching the vehicle it is being towed by.



Highway Towable Bowsers


A highway towable bowser can be towed with payload on the highway. The main feature is that there is a break away system in the event that it should become unhitched from the towing vehicle and the mechanism engages the brake bringing the bowser to a halt. Another important feature found on road towable bowsers is that there are indicators built into the chassis.

Remember that for a highway towable bowser, both the driver’s licence and the towing abilities of the vehicle must also meet the legal requirements for the bowser and payload.


2000 Litre Towable Water Bowser


TardisH2O 7,000 Litre Bowser


The 7000L water bowser is a medium option for a bulk water solution. It provides a larger capacity similar to a water tank but the flexibility of a towable water bowser. With long lasting durability, this bowser is fitted with large agricultural tyres and are suited for construction site use.

For those companies who carry out soak away tests, the TardisH2O 7,000 litre bowser is the ideal item for hire. As most soakaways require several tests throughout the day, the flexibility and capacity of the 7000L water bowser makes this more suitable for the job. This is important especially for sites that are not accessible by our 16,000L Water Tanker. The water bowser allows for sites with limited access and difficult terrain to carry out testing with a larger quantity of water.

If this water bowser is to big for your water needs, you can try our smaller capacity models. We also offer our 1000L or 2000L bowsers


TardisH2O Provides Bulk Water Services for site


From construction companies to national outdoor events, we class bulk water as 1000 litres and above. Whatever your bulk water requirements, we provide a wide range of bulk water services with high service and options, we have the solution for you.

We offer:

  • Bowsers
  • IBCs
  • Static Tanks
  • Pillow/Bladder Tanks


Contact us to arrange Water Bowser Hire


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