This is the section of the site to use when you want to check advice for specific subjects.

That advice can come in the form of our spec sheet library, featuring critical information on all plant, products and vehicles, such as dimensions, capabilities etc.

When clients book work with us, we send out relevant information sheets as part of the order acknowledgement process. They come from this useful and resourceful library.

Our video library, is a collection of all of our water related services, giving a visual indication of what we do and how we do it.   We like to think of them as a mixture of entertainment and education.

Our tank volume calculator is a useful little tool for working out tank volumes for cylindrical and rectangular tanks.

We’ve a simple overview of pumps, indicating the best for purposes of our most popular pumps. You can use this in conjunction with spec sheets and of course advice from us, to arrive at the best choice.

On the same track, we have a page on cold weather advice for pumps. Not all pumps are designed to withstand all that mother nature throws at us when it comes to weather. Electric on-demand pumps for example need a little TLC when the weather turns cold. That advice is available on this page.

Storing water in uncontrolled circumstances, can make provision of drinking water especially, a less than straightforward subject. There are regulations to be observed.

We provide the information you need, if you’re going to be supplying water for people to drink.

We like to think we’re pretty thorough with our online advice and guides, but of course there’s always the question we didn’t think of that might need answering.

Just pick up the phone and ask away.