As the construction industry looks to close for the festive season, TardisH2O has the one stop solution for frost protection. Our experts advise that some sort of preventative maintenance is taken before the cold weather sets in, consequently causing damage to your pumps and pipes.


Protect your pump and pipes


This frost preventing box is designed to house smaller electric on demand pumps to protect them during the cold weather. During freezing temperatures, TardisH2O recommends that you should take the pump out of service. Once out of action, remove any pipework connected and store the box indoors.

As we all know, when water freezes it expands thus causing internal working problems which can prove to be costly.

Please note: Electric water pumps are not ideal to work in winter like conditions.


Pump Protection Box


Looking after your pipework…


Lagging can also prove to be beneficial as it stops your pipework from freezing in sub zero conditions. TardisH2O uses 25mm diameter MDPE which is most commonly used for all pipework however we do have different options. By this, a 27-19mm lagging insulation is most suited for this type of application.

All water pipework should be lagged for your entire system to prevent frost. Our experts advise that pipework starts to freeze around –2 degrees Celsius.




So what’s the need?


Frosty pipework and broken pumps can easily be avoided with the TardisH20 pump protection box. See below the benefits of using this:

  • Can hold 110v and 230v electric pumps
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Ideal to house small plant equipment
  • Allows ventilation to the pump


Pump Protection Box Spec Sheet


Contacts us


Furthermore, contact our sales team who will be able to assist you in booking in your pump protection box.

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