When planning an event, event water solutions is a vital component. Providing bulk water is essential for many applications for events from providing water for sanitation through to providing drinking water. A suitable bulk drinking water solution is the point of call for any event. We have many solutions to provide bulk water for events and festivals nationwide.


We will provide our popular solutions to providing water for your event or festival. Many factors that need to be considered include:


  • How much water do we need?
  • Can water be accessed via the mains water?
  • Are Facilities requiring water going to be permanently located in the same place? Do you need flexibility?


Drinking Water Station


Our drinking water station can provide drinking water without the needs of a mains water line. We have solutions such as static water tanks and bowsers that can connect to the water station to provide drinking water from the point of delivery. Testing is provided before delivery to check the integrity of the water. After delivery, it is up to the site to preserve or check the integrity of the water. If you use a water bowser or static pump paired with the water station, you will require an on-demand pump. The pump only kicks in when there is a need for water to be extracted from the bowser or tank; for example, this will be when someone turns the tap.


The drinking water station provides four WRAS Approved taps and on-demand water. Eliminate the use of constant plastic packaging as the station allows event attendees to fill up their water bottles on the go.


Tip: Place the water station at a convenient site postcode to ensure it has easy access for attendees. If you use a towable bowser as a point of water delivery to the station, you can always move the site postcode if you require flexibility.


Drinking Water Station


Spring Water Tetra Pak Cartons


As we say at Tardis H2O, plastic is not fantastic. Spring Water Tetra Pak Cartons are an eco-friendly solution to providing drinking water. Plastic straw free and made from 100% recyclable material makes this a popular solution for events such as marathons.


tetra pak cartons


National Outdoor Events Association


Tardis Environmental are proud members of NOEA. Many of our customers consist of event suppliers, event planners, and local authorities all arranging events nationwide.


national outdoor events association


Arranging bulk water for events and festivals


Tardis H2O has many solutions to provide relevant solutions for bulk water for all events and festivals. We have experience with delivering solutions to Glastonbury through to the Leicester Caribbean Carnival. If you require a bespoke solution or require many of our water solutions for your event, contact us today for a free quotation on 0800 731 0589. Alternatively, contact a member of our sales team below.