Bag in Box Water Solution for Bulk Drinking Water 


TardisH2O has the ideal answer for your ECO drinking water solution. Our bag in box packaging design for bulk water is the perfect solution for your event. A high durable cardboard design with a bag in box provides the full recyclable yet durable solution for bulk water for events. We’ve all been to those parks and music concerts where the issue of left over plastic bottles is not ideal. Tardis ECO H2O defeats the excess need for more plastic bottles, using it as a quality assured drinking water station.


Above all, the box can be reused multiple times or recycled saving both time and money.


Eliminating The Use of Plastic Bottles at Events


fully recyclable productPlastic free alternative for water


Where To Use Your Collapsible Drinking Water ECO H2O?


To combat the rising issue on plastic recycling, Tardis ECO H2O 1000 litre offers the complete environmental friendly solution for quality assured drinking water solutions. Furthermore, it has the perfect attributes to be an alternative to plastic drinking bottles. The bag in box water design is placed on a pallet. This makes it easy to unload on site.


So, its great for those event companies organising marathons and outdoor music festivals especially high traffic events.


Daily Progress Provides Durable Results


Having been left out in the rain to test, the design withstood any issues: We intended to provide the results for both short and longer term hire by leaving the drinking water supply for over 2 weeks.


Tardis Eco H2O day 1

Tardis Eco H2O day 6

Tardis Eco H2O after 2 weeks



As a result, we can see its ideal for your temporary drinking water solution. Tardis ECO H2O will cater for most outdoor events and endure the great British weather. The durability in the design enables for consistent use regardless of harsh weather conditions.


How can Tardis ECO H2O help you?


As we know, plastic is NOT fantastic! It’s far becoming one of the worlds rising environmental issues. Above all, we support and encourage the programs dedicated to recycle products and waste. Below are the main key features.


  • 1000 litre drinking water capacity
  • Fully recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compatibility with all filling and discharge processes
  • Refillable
  • Tap kit included with push fit fittings
  • Ideal for outdoor events
  • After use, it can be easily broken down ready for recycling


Finally, Tardis ECO H2O can be delivered throughout the UK at competitive rates. All you need is a forklift to offload, however if you don’t have one, please contact us for our haulage prices. For more information on our New Tardis Eco H2O, click below.


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