Tardis H2O on site deep cleans

Amongst our every day activities, we do find the odd gem of
a challenge to bring you in a blog post.. One such incident happened last week
when one of our construction clients called us about contamination in a pair of
clean water IBC containers, brought about by the recent warm weather.

Off we set with our towable bowser and all the kit you need
for this type of work. Quite surprised to arrive on site to find both IBCs
filled with green soup and a lot of well developed algae.


The IBCs (1000 litre water tanks) were supplying a toilet block on a large
construction site and the contamination had rendered the water supply unusable.
it was time to take corrective action.


The tanks were drained and our water specialist Stu set
about the big clean using a jet lance attached to our pressure washer
.  It takes more than just water
under pressure to shift this sort of contamination, so the water inside the
towable bowser was specially dosed with a measure of Chlorine.


As you can see from the pictures, this was a deep clean
exercise but with skill and the right tools for the job, we managed to bring
both containers up to concours d’ elegance conditions if ever there was such a prestigious award for water containers.


In addition to the IBCs, the pipe lines from the containers
down to the toilet block were flushed out and chlorinated.

Tanker captain Andy arrived and replenished the containers
with clean fresh water, sanitisation tablets were added to each IBC and as a
final measure, the Chlorine level of the water coming from the taps was
measured as safe for handwashing.


We left some very happy builders who could now get clean after their daily toils.

Tardis H2O on site are water care experts in the
transportation, storage and treatment of water either clean or quality assured
for drinking.

We have on site testing facilities providing reports on the
presence of E Coli, Legionalla, Coliforms and much more.

As you can see from the video, we bring contaminated vessels
back up to a safe, clean usable standard.

IBC cleansing and chlorination

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Clearly a better fill

An example of the care we take when filling our tankers with clean water for construction, minimising the risk of contamination during transportation.