There’s quite a diversity in the jobs we attend on both sides of the Tardis operation.

Today’s subject is water, lots of water used for ballast on a construction project almost on our doorstep.

As you’ll see from the video we made, apart from the filthy weather sending us quite a bit of water from the heavens above, we supplied 60,000 litres of the stuff to provide ballast in the big blue tank you’ll see which the construction lads were about to bury in concrete.

Water tank for ballast

We arrived on site with two of our articulated lorries pulling 30,000 litre tanker barrels. Every ten minutes or so, concrete mixers would arrive and deposit another load of the bulk aggregate and the site people set about filling the deep trench containing the large tank.

Then the call was made, “gentlemen, start your engines” and the donkey engine growled into life and the water delivery part of the operation commenced.

Everything was organised with an almost military precision, and as planned with the tank staying put and not floating on top of the new concrete overcoat being made for it.

Tardis H2O on site steps into the breach on many bulk water jobs from straightforward water fills, bowsers, welfare cabins and bigger receptacles like swimming pools.

We provide water storage solutions too. Anything from a 1000 litre site towable bowser to a 30,000 litre articulated water barrel parked on site and topped up as and when needed.

We’ve a growing fleet of vehicles able to meet your water needs, service on tap so to speak.

Water tankers used for delivering water for ballast

And if that wasn’t enough, all that service comes with knobs on, with the option of quality assured drinking water should that be needed. The whole 9 yards, preparation, delivery and on site testing to ensure the water you’re supplying for drinking is fit for drinking.

You’ll find our team eager to please on : 0800 731 0589

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