One of the interesting parts of our work in the bulk water
industry is how many interesting projects we visit and supply to.

One of our recent jobs involved daily visits to what’s
called a “no dig” drilling project down in Malvern where our client was getting
set to lay a new gas pipeline.

In short, no dig or horizontal drilling spares the landscape
of our countryside.

Firstly, a pilot hole is bored as an angle into the ground
as you’ll see in our video.

As each section of the drill advances, another one is added
from the machine end and the bit moves forward. Water is used to flush the
dislodged earth back to the entry point to a pit where it is removed by vacuum

Once the pilot hole is completed, then a larger tool
utilised which using the same advance and flush method, bores a larger diameter
hole which will allow the pulling through of the pipework that will carry the

The environmental benefits are enormous with only minimal
disruption to the countryside. This site had one small area of a field to house
the machinery and the slurry pit and some fellows a few hundred metres away
using a detecting device to locate the drill bit and map its progress.

Our part (in addition to being impressed) was to keep the
operation running by attending site on a daily basis when called, to provide up
to 10,000 litres of clean water drawn from authorised water authority hydrant

Seeing projects such as this certainly assures us that the
skills associated with engineering are very much alive and well and in this
case preserving our green and pleasant land.

Tardis H2O on site are specialists in the delivery, storage and testing of bulk clean and potable water. We deliver up to 32,000 litres per load and can provide storage facilities for same.

It’s been quite a year for the H2O team and you can discuss your bulk water needs by calling one free number nationwide 0800 731 0589