The last ten years has seen an unprecedented growth in the bottled water market and for good reason.

Conveniently sized  bottles that can be carried easily, help keep a person refreshed and hydrated. 

It’s a zero calorie option and provides refreshment where there’s no alternatives nearby.

Tardis H2O on site has been supplying bottled water by the pallet for some time now. We’ve quite a choice of bottle sizes too, because when you’re buying in bulk it can be for a variety of reasons.

Festivals and events for example. You can distribute a lot of water in individual bottles a lot faster than having people queue at a drinking water despatch point to fill Billy cans. Also, because those bottles are sealed, you aren’t lumbered with the responsibility of quality controlling bulk water for people to safely drink, as you might with a large bowser or tanker.

We’ve delivered emergency bottled water into areas hit by cuts in mains supply or contamination after floods of broken mains.

Below is the water table for the variants we supply:

As you can see, we’ve a variant for everyone. Featuring a convenient sports cap for guzzling on the go and ranging from 330ml to a 1.5 litre traditional screw cap .

Delivery is quickety quick and merely takes a phone call to our ever so friendly team on 0800 731 0589