Splish splash, the bulk water arm of Tardis Environmental has a brand new and much improved website.

In the couple of years since we launched a website for Tardis H2O on site, our operation has grown by leaps and bounds, tankers, plant and the additional services such as water testing.

It was therefore necessary to bring all these improvements together and create a simple to navigate and informative site for all aspects of our water related operation.

Our home page sets the scene. Four categories:

Items for hireBulk waterWater for constructionWater quality & testing.

Tardis H2O homepage


Offshoots of each of those main categories give you a choice of pages relative to the main category chosen.

On each page, if there’s related products or services, there’s a reference to them and a link so you can investigate further.

There’s a library of spec sheets featuring vehicles, plant and products, each containing details relevant to the item. For example, if you’ve booked a tanker to deliver water, it’s nice to know that it’s going to fit through your gates.

And for your entertainment and edification, we’ve a nicely stocked video library. These are videos we make out there on our daily routine, but as you’ll see by the variety of jobs we attend, life for H2O on site is far from routine.

We also make instructional videos showing operational features of products in our line up. Especially useful in the case of something like a portable shower unit. The video shows you the type of electrical connection and the plumbing requisites, so you can plan the installation ahead of taking delivery.

Saying that of course, if you’ve neither the skill or manpower to commission a unit such as this, call on Tardis H2O fitters who’ll come along and do the job, leaving everything working as it should.

We do this with showers and shower blocks, plumbing and electrics for welfare cabins and toilet blocks.

And the advice doesn’t end there. Our ever so useful tank volume calculator allows you to work out vessel volumes which can also do nicely if you’ve a swimming pool to fill, as all you need do is key in your dimensions and voila.

Water testing took even us by surprise at how many avenues both commercial and domestic need water testing for so many and varied reasons. It can be chemical, mineral or of course bacterial.

Probably our most common tests are for E coli and Legionella. Most folk quite understandably, don’t understand the risks there can be to health from water stored in uncontrolled conditions.

When we supply quality assured drinking water, we provide scrupulously clean vessels for storage and deliver water that has been tested and loaded under strictly regulated conditions. Post delivery, responsibility for its fitness for purpose passes to you the client. If you’re providing bulk water for people to drink, then you need to be certain it is fit for purpose.

Our on-site testing services provided by our Water Hygienist can give you the reassurance water is safe for drinking. We also provide safety surveys for welfare cabins along the same lines, ensuring public health risk is minimised.

As we said, the site is easy to navigate and we believe we’ve included just about everything you need that’s related to Tardis H2O.

You’ll still find us at the end of the phone, ready to help.

We’d love your feedback on the site too.