Algae in Water- What is green water?


Algae in water can become toxic especially if the water is consumed for drinking water. The typical green water becomes a regular occurrence especially in the summer months where the sunlight speeds up the growth of algae inside water and vessels used to store drinking water.


algae in water


What are algae?


Algae comprise of a group of organisms found in water such as lakes and ponds. They can be in the form of seaweed such as kelp found in the sea. Light is the energy source; therefore if you leave water standing in the sun, it will accelerate the growth of algae. Blue/green algae are often found in ponds and are harmful to livestock.


Do algae affect drinking water on site?


Yes, algae do affect drinking water. Tardis H2O provides drinking water to site with strict precautions and testing before delivery. Once we deliver drinking water to the site, it is the responsibility of the site to check the integrity of your water once it has begun being consumed. If you have any issues with your water, our water hygienist can conduct water testing on site and offer you a solution. Contact our sales team for more information.


Swimming Pool Algae Issues


We can deliver bulk water to fill swimming pools if you require refilling of water. Our Tardis tankers can provide up to 30,000L per load. If you require a refill or a test of your swimming pool for algae or any other water issues, we will help.


Read more about algae specifically in your swimming pool from poolcentre.



Algae in water vessels – IBC’S / Totes on-site


Another service we offer is a deep cleansing of water vessels on-site. Algae forms in IBC’S and other water vessels as they are often left outside in direct sunlight. Our Tardis Fitters provides a deep cleanse of water vessels on-site to ensure your water is fit for purpose.



Deep Cleansing Service 

algae in ibc


On-site Water Services- Call Today


If you are experiencing issues on site with your water such as algae, contact us below or call today on 0800 731 0589.