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Which water pump is best for my needs?

Tardis keeps a water pump for what we believe to be just about any need.

For example, it will take a different pump to move water across a hundred metres on the flat, than to push water against gravity say 10 metres.

Some pumps are designed for simple clean water, others will handle varied amounts and sizes of solid content suspended in the flow.

Starting with the simple end of the choice range, the on-demand electric water pump couldn’t be simpler.

Easy to connect, easy to prime and easy to use, 110 and 230 volt variants, standard 1″ (25mm) pipework connections.

As the name suggests, when the pump detects the opening of a tap or flush of a toilet (a demand), it kicks into action, drawing from the water supply and providing a pressure to the water, to cater for the demand.

The pumps are not weatherproof and so we recommend they are housed in a Tardis pump protection box to protect against wind and rain and colder weather, but not freezing conditions, when the pump should be removed from service or taken indoors.

When you wish to move water around in quantity, then a petrol or Diesel pump fits the bill.

Our most common pump is a 2″ or 50mm (pipework) petrol powered pump. The power of the the pump and the bore of the pipework, makes this an adaptable workhorse for a variety of applications.

The WB20 model for example has the ability to deliver up to 600 litres per minute.

The suction head means it can lift water from a depth of up to 8 metres and the max head of 32 metres means it can pump vertically to a maximum of 32 metres.

This pump will handle a debris size of 6mm.

The WH20 is a higher powered pump with a lower rate of flow, 500 litres per minute. It has the same suction ability to 8 metres depth but a maximum pumping head of 50 metres.

Armed with this knowledge, makes it easier to decide which pump is suitable for the job you have for it.