The correct way to store water on site

  • Ensure the ground is suitable to take the weight of the water bowser or tank (1000 litres of water is equal to 1 tonne weight).
  • Only fill the tank or bowser with water from an authorised provider.
  • Ensure you keep the bowser/tank in good, clean condition.
  • Only use warm soapy water to clean the exterior of the bowser or tank.
  • Regularly flush or empty tanks or lines that are going to store water for a period of time.
  • If tanks are being used to store drinking water, water should be tested every 24 hours to ensure it is fit for purpose.
  • At each fill, add the correct dose of chlorine tablets. This will prevent any growth of algae/bacteria.
  • Store the water storage vessel in a cool area (preventing temperatures rising above 20 degrees celsius.
  • Check daily that there is no damage to the bowser/tank and the lids are secured in place.

The incorrect way to store water on site

  • Store water in direct sunlight.
  • Remove the lids.
  • Store next to any chemicals that can splash or come into contact with the contents of the vessel.
  • Use the water bowser or tank for any other purpose than holding water.
  • Drill or cut into the vessel.
  • Run any pipe off the bowser that may cause a back fill (none return valves and pumps can be put inline).
  • Use chemical cleaners to clean the bowser or tank (internally or externally).
  • Allow tank or pipework to freeze as this can cause tanks and pipes to split.