How much water will I require?

To ensure a sufficient temporary water supply, the table below taken from BS 8551:2015 provides the typical flow demand in litres per day of a number of common temporary applications.

This data is to be used to provide an estimate of the water you will require based on the intended use and the quantity of people it is intended to supply.

Standard Residential200Per person/day
Mobile Home (Caravan type with full services)180Per person/day
Office/Factory (Without Canteen)50Per person/day
Office/Factory (With Canteen)100Per person/day
Open Industrial Site, E.g. Construction, Quarry, Without Canteen60Per person/day
Holiday Camp Chalet227Per chalet/day
Toilet Block10Per person/visit
Shower Per Use40Per person/visit
Health Club/Sports Centre50Per person/visit
Tent only Sites70Per person/day
Caravan Sites (touring or static not serviced)100Per person/day
Caravan (static serviced)180Per person/day
Festival Sites (day visitors) limited concessions (age range 16-30)20Per person/day
Festival sites (camping) concessions35-50Per person/day
Residential Care Homes
Residential old people/nursing350Per person/day

Choice of Tank size relative to population served

Number of peopleTank size or range (Litres)Replenishment cycle (Days)
2 to 4500 to 10007
5 to 101000 to 50005 to 7
11 to 305000 to 10,0005 to 7