5 Types of Water Vessels- Bulk Water Delivery to site


water vessels delivery


What is a Water Vessel?


A water vessel is a storage solution for storing water on site. Water vessels can be used anywhere. Tardis H2O often provides water vessels for construction, festivals and events industries. We often are asked on what type of water vessel to use for certain situations. We will break down bulk water storage by size. Depending on your situation, you may require a low volume of bulk water or high volume. Our water vessels available will cover all your needs.


IBC Water Tanks- Tote Tanks


IBC tanks stand for “Intermediate Bulk Container”. An IBC traditionally holds 1000L of water. It is the best solution for small volumes of water storage.


IBC Containers


Tardis H2O, prior to your IBC Hire, we will pre-treat your IBC water tank and the water prior to delivery. Once delivered, it is the responsibility of the site to maintain the water. If you are having issues with keeping your IBC clean, we can provide on-site cleansing.


IBC’S are also a good solution for space saving as they can actually be stacked on top of each other. If you have the correct equipment on site (in this instance a forklift or pallet jack), you can manoeuvre and stack the ibc totes (when empty) accordingly. You can read our Plant Hire guide on our Tardis Hire site for more information on unloading and loading safely on site. Certain equipment may be needed when transporting or manoeuvring certain water vessels on site.


IBC Cleaning

In addition to IBC hire, we can also provide onsite cleaning. When alge, dirt or mud comes into play, your IBC will require a deep cleansing service.


IBC Jacket


We also have a new optional extra with the IBC Jacket. An IBC Jacket can help insulate your ibc and is resistant to temperatures from -35° to +75°.



IBC Jacket



Static Water Tanks


Static Water Tanks are used in many situations such as events, and farming & agriculture.

We are often asked about our static water tanks as an emergency water storage. We can deploy the tanks ready for use on site and making this a quick and effective bulk water storage solution.


static water tanks



Bladder Tanks- Pillow Tanks


Bladder tanks are a perfect solution for providing a large volume of bulk water. A major benefit of a pillow tank is that it can provide water from 1000L (similar capabilities to an IBC) and up to a whopping 250,000L litres. The name pillow tank comes from the term of the product when water begins to fill. It shapes in the form of a big inflatable pillow.


Tardis Fitters have arrived on many sites to setup pillow tanks. It can be simply set up by arriving on site with our transit van. Again, this is suitable for when a site has many limitations for access.

Before we arrive on site, it is recommended prior delivery that the area where the tank needs to be sited is swept clean. This is so we can lay a protective ground sheet underneath the bladder tank.


If you find yourself contemplating about what type of water storage you require; pillow tanks provide flexibility in the amount of water they can hold. They are also perfect for short term and long-term hire as they are designed to withstand the pressures of being on site.



pillow tank


Towable Water Bowsers


Towable water bowsers are ideal for bulk water storage on the go. It can be moved around site and possibly used on a highway. There are two types of towable bowsers, site towable bowser or a highway towable bowser. We have a range of water bowsers available for sale and hire. We can provide 6000L, 7000L and 10,000L water bowsers for higher volumes of bulk water.


Towable Water Bowser and Land Rover



Site Towable Bowsers


Site towable bowsers are often black. They cannot be towed on the highway with any payload contained. This is a major difference to a highway towable bowser.


Highway Towable Bowsers


Highway towable bowsers are designed to tow on the highway with a payload. This is different to a site towable bowser that cannot be transported with any payload.


Articulated Barrel- Up to 30,000L a load


An articulated barrel from one of our Tardis H2O tankers can provide bulk water on site without the need for storage. Maybe you need to fill water for a soakaway? We can provide up to 30,000L of water per articulated load. We can provide more loads to site at a time.



30000 Litre Water Tanker



Do I need Low, Medium or High volume of Bulk Water?


When arranging to store bulk water on site, it’s important to factor the amount of water you need for your hire term. If there are not many people on site, you could consider an IBC for example. We can also provide refills on a regular basis.



Plumbing and Electrical Setup of Plant Hire on site- Tardis Fitters


Our Tardis Fitters have experience in plumbing welfare units to connect to effluent tanks on site. If a welfare unit is in the form of a toilet block for example, plumbing is required on site to enable to use the facilities.



Arrange your Water Vessel Hire for Bulk Water Storage Today


Contact us today to arrange your water vessel hire. We will arrive to your construction site, event or festival providing the bulk water you need. Not certain of what you require? Contact our sales team today to further assist you on your bulk water storage.


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