Welcome to our new Tardis H2O on site web pages.

Simplified and reworked to provide you with all the information you need when it comes to our wide range of water related services.

Basically, our activities are broken down into:

  • Bulk water supply (clean or quality assured drinking).
  • Water storage vessels, from IBCs, towable bowsers, tanks and bladder tanks.
  • Water Testing.
  • After service, which includes water testing, deep cleansing and of course, our famous Tardis Fitters who are available to provide commercial electrical and plumbing services, so water related applications such as portable showers are well catered for.

Our water operation has expanded immensely since we launched the brand and website just over two years ago.

Our tanker fleet has increased, especially the use of our 16,000 litre rear wheel steer tankers which can negotiate tricky gateways.

Water testing has become a popular service. We can test for a number of water based conditions, E coli, Legionella and for contaminants from chemicals or elements.

Some results we provide using our own testing equipment, though more specific tests must be provided from UKAS approved laboratories, don’t worry, you describe the need, we’ll advise what’s what.

Quality assured drinking water can be supplied in any vessel from a 1000 litre towable bowser, specially prepared to carry what that’s fit to drink. Also we have a range of static tanks which can also be prepared for the same purpose.

For fast deployment of drinking water, without the responsibility of maintaining “fitness for purpose”, many still choose bottled water by the pallet.

The bottles are factory sealed and then palletised, they are fit for instant deployment and refreshment, especially convenient and festivals, and large gatherings.

When it comes to anything water related, we like to believe we have all the bases covered. This includes emergency deployment of water when supplies are cut.

We have three instances in one day where many thousands of litres were required, two in a commercial situation the other domestic, with an estate who found themselves waterless for more than ten days and we’re proud to say we coped with the sudden demand and provided sterling service to our clients.

We preserve the integrity of the water we supply, testing as it’s loaded into the tanker. Drinking water, tankers are sanitised prior to filling. Hoses and fittings used to convey the water are food grade, with WRAS approved fittings and the people who deliver have been EUSR trained.

We believe the website is informative and easy to navigate. But of course, if you want to talk to a person, we’re still at the end of a phone.


0800 731 0589. One number nationwide for all your water needs.

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